For solo performances LaVerne Christie draws on over two decades of experience playing in small groups, as a jazz guitarist, classical guitarist and jazz bass player.

Her musical approach shows an appreciation for beautiful classical melodies, for sophisticated Brazilian harmonies and for popular tunes from the great American Songbook composers like Cole Porter as well as modern composers like Stevie Wonder. In creating her own arrangements you can hear her admiration for the famous guitarists from these genres and the influences of great musicians from the past to the present.

LaVerne Christie has played solo guitar in countless restaurants, art galleries, wineries, coffeehouses and bookstores and for wedding ceremonies in all kinds of settings from boat landings to Caesar's Palace. Depending on the venue LaVerne plays a Gibson 175 archtop guitar, an Ovation steel-string acoustic guitar or a nylon string guitar made for her by New York luthier Rich DiCarlo. For amplification she uses either a Polytone Minibrute II or a Genz Benz acoustic amp.


"As a Jazz Guitarist, LaVerne Christie follows tenaciously in the footsteps of those who have come before her, men and women alike. She has a strong sense of the vocabulary needed to express oneself as a Jazz performer, and it's obvious that she has paid her dues listening and learning from a variety of sources. Her improvisational abilities are clearly cut from the same cloth that has shaped the voices of such esteemed players as Emily Remler, Frank Vignola, Kenny Burrell and Les Paul. Christie's playing style is clean and articulate, with a light touch that dances across the fretboard confidently."

"Her study of classical and fingerstyle jazz guitar as well as Brazilian music is definitely apparent in the sharp arrangements she creates." - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"The influence of guitarist Herb Ellis and to a lesser degree the guitar style of Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass are all present in LaVerne Christie's guitar playing. Ms. Christie has a clean fluid guitar style made up of sharp crystalline single note runs, blending melody and rhythm flawlessly into sounds of delight." - JAZZ REVIEW

"Christie learned how to play with a bit of classical training and the finger-style that Wes Montgomery fans will love, and the combination works because she is able to apply technicality with the freedom of improvisation."

"Christie has guts as well as chops - she plays like a hard bop horn player, in all the good ways - and makes an original statement no matter how familiar the tune." - WILSON & ALROY

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