"Christie said that she put this album out herself because she didn't think any traditional record company would approach her -- but in 2007, this stood out as a gem as strong as any release by a major jazz label." - full review
– ALL MUSIC GUIDE - Jonathan Widran 2007

"The bass playing by Mark Ruben is very solid not only in holding the foundation but in enhancing the tone, adding the color to the sound, making for a very bright harmonic picture. Drummer Mike Candito pushes each song with his dynamically driven style, never laying back, he adds plenty of excitement to the trio's tune selection and fills in with excellent cymbal work to provide a full sound. " - full review
– JAZZ REVIEW.COM - Paul J. Youngman

"A trio that shows all the precision and timing of a group that has worked together for a long time."

"The LaVerne Christie Trio follows in the footsteps of some of the great guitar trios, performing classic jazz standards in a wonderfully spontaneous manner, putting a fresh face to some beautiful melodies. The trio mixes up the styles but maintains the flow; the essence of this strong guitar-led trio is all about harmony, melody and wonderful rhythms." – JAZZ REVIEW

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